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Halo Video Game Cover Art was a community project where UNSC and Covenant fanatics alike came together to recreate the covers of various video games using just the Halo 3 engine. Created in Forge, matchmaking, and custom games, enjoy the other titles that regularly capture your attention, all lovingly remade in the very distinct Halo style.


Halo: Combat Evolved Remake
Halo: Combat Evolved by Redd Hedd

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Remake
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by UxG War

Left 4 Dead Remake
Left 4 Dead by N8 Str8 Rippin

Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack Remake
Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack by x 2900d4u x

TimeShift Remake
TimeShift by K25125

New Super Mario Bros. Remake
New Super Mario Bros. by Shotty4Scotty

Halo 3: ODST Remake
Halo 3: Recon by Decapatata

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remake
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare by Huggy Bear10

Portal Remake
Portal by catni

Halo 2 Remake
Halo 2 by Boba Fett CHU

Stuntman: Ignition Remake
Stuntman: Ignition by Astrogenesis

Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII by XGC Gavin

Halo Wars Remake
Halo Wars by Sea Squall

Bionicle Heroes Remake
Bionicle Heroes by BAP 04

More submissions for your viewing pleasure:
Portal by AxS Knight, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare by NY Yanks 33, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare by Len lfc, Halo 3: Recon by DRAG0N D214, Halo 3: Recon by your granddaddy, Halo: Combat Evolved by haha 0wn3d4, True Crime: Streets of LA by BAP 04, Gears of War by Len lfc, Halo 2 by iArcane, Ninja Gaiden II by RisingDragon11, Quake 4 by XxA1fAtSo11xX, Fallout 3 by UxG War, Army of Two by Len lfc, Mega Man by LOB3, KILLZONE: Annihilation by DRAG0N D214, Baja: Edge of Control by Grizzlysam, Battalion Wars by eelaypuff, James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace by rjesps, Tomb Raider: Underworld by Astrogenesis, Star Wars Republic Commando by MacGyver128, Bomberman: Act Zero by DRAG0N D214, Haze by K25125 , Shadowrun by The Kerminater , Mass Effect by Len lfc



  1. damn, i just found a movie scene

    this looks cool though!

  2. First Post.I know what im doing.

  3. Im doing Halo 2!!

  4. i dont know if there will be any better cover arts than the halo one of the other halo game but i look forward to seeing what people can do

  5. Damn, I would participate in this, but my xbox broke 2 days ago >_>

  6. This will be going on for several weeks Psychosangheili! Hopefully you can participate when your box gets back. :)

  7. YAY! This is going to be amazing. I have a good idea of what I will do. Great idea Angel :)

    Good work

  8. hey everyone i just got in to making pictures again, its been like 3 months but hopefully i should be making another youtube h3 screenshots vids… check out my recent shots or hit me up with a message at or message me at MJordanFan (youtube account)with your picture url…

  9. Angel I have a question.
    Ive sent you many messages about my screenshots and you havent replied to any.Why is that?

  10. According to my gmail history you have emailed me five times, all of which I responded to, the most recent of which was five hours ago. Perhaps check your spam box?

  11. Yeah, for some reason your messages tend to get detected as spam or suspected phishing emails.

    Just out of curiosity, how long is the queue nowadays (you know, since Bungie updated their file system)?

  12. Yup, I got classified as spam (especially with Hotmail and Yahoo I believe) a few months back. For a while they weren’t even letting my emails through but now they at least deliver them (the majority of the time to the spam box). I guess I email more than the average person?

    Anyways, to answer your question my queue is approximately one week long right now. :)

  13. I always get your emails :)

    I got a great idea, it will be awesome.

  14. I’m probably going to do Halo 3:Recon…right now!

  15. Gonna get right on this one, this will be fun!!

  16. hey i already got a cool idea…
    (starts chatting with xkevlar..)

    PS. What’s up, SCOTTY!

  17. Gmail FTW!

    Anyone considering Lost Planet: Extreme Condition? You would have to get a pretty lucky death, but it seems possible.

    Call of Duty 4 would be something fun to remake in the Halo 3 world.

  18. I’d do this but my box is out for is out of commission for a while. Please… someone do Deus Ex

  19. really?
    is the waiting time at around a week
    coz i sent you an e-mail in around june and you did reply saying you were going to add some of my pics but they havent been put up yet.
    why is that ? :(

  20. I’m not sure bonzo. Referencing the email address you used to make that comment, I haven’t received any messages from you unless it is from another account. If it was, let me know what that email address is and I can let you know what happened.

  21. Lol, is this the new project your doing? Awesome! I hope my big project can match this =P

  22. oh sorry i forgot to tell you
    since i made my account on hear i have changed my e-mail adress
    its now

  23. Okay then Angel, then what happened to the ODST shot I sent you?

  24. No offense guys, but I think that we should try to stay on topic :P

    I’m working on my shot now.

  25. Agreed, thank you Scotty. If anybody wants to discuss something not related to this project, please do so via the contact form or email. Much appreciated.

  26. My apologies about that. I’m just not that patient.
    Anyway, let me write something on topic. It would be really interesting to see an atempt to make the covers from the Metroid games.

  27. I hope they use the Mass Effect shot i made!…

  28. A remake ofthe Ocarina of Time cover

  29. My friend UxG War really made that LoZ shield & sword,i saw him make the handle and stuff.He didn’t put the words though,he was exhausted.He also did fallout 3-

  30. Awesome work! ^^

  31. are you going to need people to cut and stitch the images together again?

  32. Uh.. WHen are you going to add mine?
    hers is the fallout ones original cover, click my name to see the remakes. I have two remakes- can you please just look at them? I have been sending you a couple of messages now

    original fallout 3

    you know where the ocarina of time is, its in my file share called LOZ shield.

  33. Woah, my previous comment had a lot of questions. just check the screenshots out.

  34. Considering this project is a little over a day old, I know you haven’t been waiting that long for a response! :)

    My goal is to answer emails and get images up within three days of receiving them (and sometimes it takes longer than that unfortunately) so I ask for your patience. If you used the contact form to submit your screenshot, I will view your submission and get back to you.

    are you going to need people to cut and stitch the images together again?

    If I get extremely overloaded, yes. I’m attempting to stay on top of it the best I can so we’ll see how it goes!

  35. The timeshift one is epic win..

  36. Actually, I believe I sent the URL for that picture (in my recent screenshots) over a week ago, and I believe you said you had added it to the queue. I’m not sure because I deleted the email after I read it. I only brought this up because the email issue NY Yanks 33 had reminded me that your email response showed up in my inbox as a suspected phishing email (seriously).

  37. Thanks for posting mine bs angel.

  38. i had a real good idea and i might as well share it as alas my box is broken i was going to do BF Bad Company all you have to do is throw a grenade on sandtrap. =D (sorry bs i just spamed your email inbox)

  39. ive sent in like 4 pics

  40. someone, please let this be my influence on the halo society, someone do team fortress 2

  41. Hurray, sent my pic in. Just hope it gets published because I put a lot of time into it.

  42. im going to do a gta4

  43. Dibs on Fallout 3!


  44. Still dont know if i will add to this… but here is a site for people that just want to browse box art… i searched for video game box art and i got the website … arent sites with addresses that say everything you need to know about them great?

  45. I really like the one of Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack.

  46. Why hasent anyone done a burnout game. if noones doing Burnout Takedown, im doing it!

  47. Go for it!

  48. I was wondering when about this project will close so I can have a deadline on when to do a pic.

  49. there wasn’t really a deadline to the movie one… it just ended because someone suggested doing video game box-art instead…

    technically still not sure if the movie one ended either, or is it just that no one submits to it anymore?

  50. I was wondering when about this project will close so I can have a deadline on when to do a pic.

    Apologies for the delayed response!

    There are not any official deadlines for any of the projects. If someone submits a movie scene, I will gladly edit it in. I still have people submit pictures for the alphabet! The cover art project is still active, but please feel free to work on any of them. :)

  51. I I


  52. Holy moly. The current submission for Stuntman: Extreme is /AMAZING/.

    That looks like the sort of thing I do on Foundry… ;)

  53. As soon as I get my new 360 from the big guys upstairs (Microsoft), I’m gonna do Assassins Creed. I don’t call dibs on it, but I’m gonna do it if no one else is going to.

  54. Hmm, Gears of War 2?

  55. Gears 2 would be hard to make. The background is hard (because there’s like a thousand King Ravens in the sky), and the pose Marcus does can’t be done in Halo. But maybe if you throw a grenade it would get a similar effect…..

  56. I haven’t really seen any new posts, is the project still going on? or is there just a lack of entries?

  57. There haven’t been any entries in a bit. But from the looks of the comments, it sounds like a few are in the works.

  58. Why hasn’t anyone done Pac-Man yet? Overshield and active camo could be ghosts, custom could be Pac-Man. I a genius!

  59. My Xbox broke 3 days ago :( looks like i cant do burnout revenge. for the avengers, go to forge, get 3 warthogs and set it to rats nest. results are pretty good

  60. BS Angle,
    I still have not found your emails.If its not to much to ask can you please reply all your messages to my user?Its way easier to reply to.
    My username is NY Yanks 33

  61. Somebody should do the Indigo Prophecy cover.

  62. Im thinkin about DooM II

  63. bs angle, my gamer tag is arbiter908 on xbox live. please check out my file share!

  64. bs angel your really good at the xbox 360 like 20050 gamerpoints would be hard.Do you have Recon?

  65. You’d think they would make a Ninja Gaiden one by now. It seems like the easiest to make.

  66. Im going to make a GRAW one later

  67. }:) bad ass!

  68. i think halo~halo2 an halo3 is so so so so so so cool ROCK ON HALO HALO2 HALO3

    • i wish for halo four or something like commander cheif in training or looking for commander chief in halo 4 or something halo is the best game ever i don’t want it to end

  69. well im gonna do a halo3 one i havent seen that one done no im just kidding its to easy for me i need something challangeing so if any one knows plz tell me thanks

  70. if anyone can figure out how this pose was done:

    you can recreate the cover for sneak king

    Good Luck!

  71. halo3 rocks p.s. i am playing it right now

  72. Masque, to recreate that pose, be an elite and hijack the turret of a prowler.

  73. I am suprised that no one made the halo 3 cover in the actual game. Hmmm….

    • i am going to right now

  74. i will make a halo three one good thinkin.

  75. Someone should make a Gears of War 2 scene =D

  76. someone should do a halo wars one with a longsword i know how to get that

  77. I Am So Going to try this!

  78. Anyone seen where Mass Effect cover has gone + im going to try mass effect 2

  79. Shoulda reloaded for the “Halo 2” shot but its still cool.

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