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Halo Movie Scenes was an adventurous project which involved remaking memorable movie posters and iconic movie scenes in the form of unaltered Halo 3 screenshots. The collective Master Chief-adoring community is clearly a fan of the silver screen as films from different genres and eras came together as one to be painstakingly recreated Halo 3 style. Enjoy our more memorable movie moments and perhaps you will catch a glimpse of your personal favorite as well!


halo movie scene
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by OvyZ

halo movie scene
Scarface by MasqueNoMercy

halo movie scene
Back to the Future by Albino Dave

halo movie scene
Jaws by Predator5791

halo movie scene
Rise to Honor by Ghosts0f0nyx

halo movie scene
Raiders of the Lost Ark by TheWalkenDead

halo movie scene
Alien vs. Predator by Predator5791

halo movie scene
RoboCop by P057MAYNE

halo movie scene
Ghost Rider by Predator5791

halo movie scene
Predator 2 by Virgl

halo movie scene
Silence of the Lambs by Penguinish

halo movie scene
Pulp Fiction by White Lama

halo movie scene
The Dark Knight by Predator5791

halo movie scene
The Day After Tomorrow by EggyMean

halo movie scene
Constantine by PsychoSangheili

halo movie scene
James Bond by Predator5791

halo movie scene
Kill Bill by White Lama

halo movie scene
Superman by Predator5791

halo movie scene
War of the Worlds by Thai79

halo movie scene
Arctic Tale by Cobalt Hero & Kji Myztic XO

halo movie scene
Batman Begins by M T brains

halo movie scene
300 by CHa0s6000

halo movie scene
Wanted by NoremacX8

halo movie scene
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi by MasqueNoMercy

halo movie scene
Jurassic Park by OvyZ

halo movie scene
The Lion King by WWAR Terrorist

halo movie scene
Ghostbusters by OneGiantNinja

halo movie scene
The Ring Two by PsychoSangheili

halo movie scene
Mortal Kombat by xI Mav3r1ck Ix

More submissions for your viewing pleasure:

I Am Legend by DTA MoonDawg, Spider-Man 3 by FRODO HAS IT, Star Wars by Spartan C37, Hitman by Mr IceT666, Enchanted by PikminGod, Poltergeist by DRAG0N D214, Sweeney Todd by DRAG0N D214, 300 by FlintEastwoodMD, Black Hawk Down by Bu11etProof187, Wanted by FreestylePyro16, Platoon by A Vogel, James Bond by Tje Ragnarok, Pineapple Express by evious Void, 30 Days of Night by SF Armored Bear, Doom by DRAG0N D214, Black Hawk Down by Zodiac260, The Matrix by death1117, Star Wars by Fat Yoda 8, The Transporter by BulkyTangent, Eragon by Jp1LkDo3sw0rk, Resident Evil by WALDYMACHINE IV, Hot Fuzz by PikminGod, Metropolis by Firestorm12, Harry Potter by DUMBNUT120, Iron Man by Alienboy117, 300 by xI Mav3r1ck Ix, King Kong by Bear2164, 10,000 BC by Bear2164, The X-Files by Bear2164, The Bourne Ultimatum by legend0922, The Matrix Reloaded by ShortStop 41, The Dark Knight by IX QuickKill XI, Brazil by Firestorm12, The Matrix by Mad Grady, Live Free or Die Hard by SILENTSHADOW84, The Terminator by IX QuickKill XI, The Incredible Hulk by INFECTlOUS, The Dark Knight by DarkestCanuck, Transformers: The Movie by RisingDragon11, Pearl HarborDimmer13, by The Dukes of Hazzard by Alienboy117, Platoon by Dark Kaiju, The Matrix by tomDG111, AkiraDoghammer X, by Jackass: The Movie by Resix the one, 300 by Skudzzz, The Day After Tomorrow by Spartan C37, Indiana Jones by Al Ustad, 28 Days Later by Lastborn Null, Black Hawk Down by Sparty14, Mamma Mia! by Deathlock257, Dragon Ball Z by Dimmer13, Iron Man by ChiefMariana, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift by PikminGod, Kill Bill by Dimmer13, Quantum of Solace by Foam on da wall, The Matrix by Whoa66, Wild Hogs by a cuban cat, The Boondock Saints by CS STEPHENS, Wanted by BladedDakkon107, The Incredible Hulk by Foam on da wall, Serenity by Recovery 25, Star Wars by Zoahinx, Doom by Resix the one, Hancock by Bahamut Unknown, The Terminator by Mr IceT666, Star Wars by FRODO HAS IT, The Matrix by StigRules999, King Kong by Psychopandemic, Spiderman by xI HU5TL3R Ix, The Matrix by Bucephalus326, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome by KSI ToyMasterQ , Jackass by HiDig, College by Pagan P3nguins, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem by Bman4500, Scarface by OTOH HamburGun , Reservoir Dogs by SpartanMatt013 , The Matrix by Nickeagle, Resident Evil: Extinction by PerkinsDUCK, Ghostbusters by DaChiefOfOwnage, Terminator Salvation by DiabeticLine

*A very special thank you to PikminGod, MasqueNoMercy, and Joshua for helping piece together the “more submissions” images for this project!



  1. awesome :D i wanna make something like this but have no idea what film to do

  2. Sweetness!!!

  3. hmmm…shouldnt the Spartans be on here?


  4. wow this is a really cool idea

  5. why do some people have boxes around their names?

  6. I have no idea MR Jones93 sk8. Wish I did though!

  7. Look on my fileshare at the picture called SAW. You might like it.

  8. I think boxes around people’s names/comments indicate that they are logged on to a WordPress account, so I’m pretty sure mine will have one.

  9. OR it could mean that we rock…im just sayin. ;)

    I love the Saw pic, very nice.

  10. Lol, nice one, i like AvP and Ghost rider, i wish my gold gamer card didnt expire :(

  11. This is a awesome idea…this would really inspire many to try and make Movie Scene from Screenshots.

  12. Somebody should do one from 300…

  13. This is what I love about Halo! All this customization and creative ideas! Howabout movies like The Fast and Furious? Or like the cover of “Band of Brothers”? Or even a legit* Matrix shot? Ballin’!!!
    *There’s a lot out there, but howabout something like the car chase?

  14. Man that ET one looks like a Grunt on a bike, LOLOLOLOLOL, look closely, you’ll see it too!

  15. I have a question before I start working on one.

    Can I edit the picture with my copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro? Or does it have to be all Halo 3?

  16. Only unaltered pictures straight from will be accepted. No editing! Sorry. :)

  17. lol it does look like a grunt

  18. If its only unaltered how did they get teh avp thing????

  19. What bout the DarkKnight pic i have a copy of it in my fileshare

  20. they used weapons

  21. How do you do the black skull? Is it a mod?

  22. ummm what you mean unedited, clearly the ghostrider one is edited!

  23. Now I will literally Pay someone $50 american dollars to do the EXACT Star Wars Episode III poster correctly. EXACT and correctly.

    I don’t think it’s virtually possible to do that in this game but if I see someone do it, they can get a nice $50.

  24. If you chase all the links hairybitz, you will see that the Ghost Rider image is unaltered and pulled directly from

  25. Predator owned this page..all but one screenshot.

  26. they should make a new project olympic sports

  27. bs angel could you help me out? I need ideas for what movie/s I should do.

  28. Terminator would be easy, just need a badass looking Spartan (not Hayabusa) reloading a weapon in the black room with a bunch of assault rifles going off diagonally in the background. Bleeeh…when I get my Live back…

  29. w00t i just submitted my first try…i hope angel likes it

  30. Tried some scarface shots

    Here is the one I liked but im sure someone can do better… which I encourage because this is a pretty simple shot

    Actual Poster

    My Shot

  31. can we use modded maps?

  32. I left the link in a reply but i dont know if i was supposed to send it as a contact message instead so here it is

    Scarface screenshot

  33. OMG OMG!
    bs angel I just made one! Its in my file share called blood diamond. I cant provide a link because im on my psp.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    P.S. google it as widescreen

  34. Someone should do the poster For one of the first 3 Friday the 13th Movies

  35. I’m going to try this out.

    where do i need to send them too?

  36. You can send me your submissions via the contact form.

    can we use modded maps?

    I prefer maps that aren’t modded but if I can’t tell, I won’t know, right? :)

  37. Grrr >:[
    Cant use the contact form because im using wifi from my psp.

  38. It’s ok! I’ll dig around for a comparison image when I have time, or you can send it to me later when you are connected via a regular computer. :)

  39. Ok. I sent you a friend request on live and you should def. accept it! :D

  40. The Scarface one is absolutely perfect. The Raiders one made me laugh :).

  41. I’m thinking I might do Star Wars or The Dark Knight.

  42. Are you allowed to photoshop?

  43. Looks like we’re in for another awesome project of epicness! :D
    Can’t wait to see what times brings us.

  44. i dont like the raiders one, but the scarface one is great

  45. Can i send in a modded screenshot?

    I think that might defeat the purpose of this though

  46. how do you enter these online

  47. You can send them to me via the contact form.

    Are you allowed to photoshop?

    No photoshopping, sorry. :)

  48. Does a spartan/Elite hafta be in the shot?

  49. Wow these are pretty cool. Im going to try to make one but I am not good at staged pictures(Unless they are kinda artsy type things).

  50. I did a rambo one plz check it out. I thought that this would be an awesome one to do.


    Link to rambo pic:

  51. Woot Woot!! James Bond!!!! very creative, keep up the good work!

  52. I just submitted my first I hope bs angel likes it!

  53. I love the Predator and James bond ones. Very awesome.
    Best project so far Angel! :D

  54. I’ve sent in a Pulp Fiction kinda picture.

    Hope it’s good enough for this :D

  55. i sent in a the 300 screenshot i hope the get it like it and use it heres my bungie if anyone wants to check it out

  56. i sent in a matrix pic i hope they like it you can use the same link to chek it out

  57. :( mine isnt up yet.

  58. Some submissions are being bookmarked, some are going directly up, it just depends on how much time I have when I receive that particular email. Keep in mind that each image takes me 10-15 minutes to create so progress will be slow. Plus I currently have approximately 30 emails I haven’t gotten to nor will I be able to get to today. Consider this whole thing a work in progress. :)

  59. Ok. Sorry about all the double posts lateley my computer has been posting twice on all forums for some reason.

  60. we r missing Star wars and most of all,


  61. I love the I Am Legend one. Simple but cool

  62. I have leftone for the boondock saints but I sent the poster not the game picture so can you look at my account for it.

  63. What are u supposed to put under the “website” spot on the contact form

  64. Batman Begins pic is so unbelievable awesome lol.

  65. if you put something in “website”, it will create a link to that pplace when someone clicks your name

  66. Predator so owns this page.

  67. Hey bs angel can i do star wars battle front case???? Reply

  68. does anyone else find it ironic that the predator image was not submitted by predator5791

  69. @masqnenomercy- A little. But I still think that particular one is truly awesome. :)

  70. That shot was actually made as a tribute to Predator5791.

    ROCKETDL, please feel free to do whatever you like!

  71. does the screenshot have to be in our file share or can it be in recent screenshots???

  72. I’m pretty sure the rules are that it must be a link to a screenshot via

  73. how do u do that?

  74. Just paste a link to the screenshot. But be sure to send it via the contact form at the top.

  75. These pictures are awsome, just one question, Predator, are you still making pictures or have you retired/quit, i wish i was aloud on my xbox 24/7, but you see my “mum” wont let me, considering i am only 13, but god i like playing it, it’s a really fun game, i wonder if halo wars has a screenshot function ROXXOR

  76. i love the back to the future one…i could stare at it all day

  77. aw man i gave them one for iron man but someone beat me too it =/

  78. Some of those are too simple. Sure the ideas were good but still like Indina Jones. Thats very simple.

  79. Arbiter327, from what I have heard, Predator “is back”. I haven’t spoken to him though so I can’t say for sure. I’m sure he’ll shed some light on the matter.

    Also, I very much doubt Halo Wars will have a screenshot function. However, I am very sure Bungie will include similar functionality in their next game, whether it is Halo-related or not.

  80. i sent in a hancock one

    heres my screenshot

  81. I hate when people use Elites as dogs. lol

  82. I think that Predator and OvyZ should work together to make a machinima tutorial on how to position weapons that perfectly in air…

  83. I always wanted to know how the whole weapon silhoette works. I have seen so many, but the more I try it…the more I realize I should let somebody else stick with it. Either way, I enjoy how much they take their tie to make something like that look so entriguing

  84. people that are masters in what they do dont work well together

  85. I cannot believe this all started the crazy when I first saw a remake of 9/11 from StandOff with the Flag standing of other weapons

  86. does the screenshot have to be in our file share or can it be in recent screenshots???

    It can be in your File Share or recent screenshot gallery, both are fine!

    And to anyone who sent one in over the weekend, I am really, really behind on this. If you haven’t received an email back from me yet, please know your submission is sitting safely in my inbox and I will message you once I have viewed it. My apologies for the significant delays. :)

  87. i just dont see how no one made a good 300 one
    i mean when i was reading of the contest that was the first idea i have.

  88. What else am I going to use for a dog? A bunch of cones? Lol!

  89. I have an idea, but it had to include 12 people and 1 person standing off to the side. It’s a surprise, but I will try and make it possible with my friends list. It might take some time, but I think it will be possible. Now you will be asking yourself, what movie consists of 13 actors/actresses? you will find out late enough.

  90. O.K I have some ideas for screenshots to do but i need help with them. Anyone want to do a Charlie’s Angels, Matrix, or 300 screenshot just message me on Live. The name I put in is my Gamertag on Live so there you go.

  91. My guess at Me I Apologize’s screenshot is Ocean’s 13

  92. i sent one in for 300 when the gets kicked into the Pit, here it is

  93. oceans 12?


    This is my remake of the hidden cloverfield monster. surprisingly, it looks pretty darn cool, If you guys have seen the monster in the cloverfield poster then you’ll know what i’m talking about. let me know what you think.

  95. how do u send the picture of that u remade…..with a direct link like u would the screenshot?…..and where would u put that in the contact form…….where it says text?

  96. The answer to both of your questions is yes dimmer13. :)

  97. Yay! They put my Pulp Fiction up there :D

    Now I’m gonna do some Reservoir Dogs :D

  98. Haha, the 300 one was awsome ^^

    ODST for the win!

  99. love the pulp fiction…if we see a scene that has already been posted and we feel we can do better would it be pertinent to submit it? or is what’s up there staying? also can we do more than one poster for a movie, or are you only going to keep it as one poster per movie?

  100. Thanks PikminGod :D

  101. Nice, they used my 300 one.

  102. if we see a scene that has already been posted and we feel we can do better would it be pertinent to submit it? or is what’s up there staying? also can we do more than one poster for a movie, or are you only going to keep it as one poster per movie?

    While only one shot will be posted for each individual image, if two different scenes or posters are conveyed from the same movie, I will happily post each. And like the Halo Corpse Alphabet Pikmin, only the best recreation will be posted but I will include other submissions as text links again.

  103. How many not-viewed submissions do you have.

  104. I made a decent dent last night and still have about 50 emails waiting for me (not all of which are movie scene submissions I am assuming). :)

  105. Ok. Just a little impatient waiting to see if my submission will get up there. I really want to contribute something to :)

  106. look at the elites that aren’t being used as dogs… Much better right? LOL

  107. cha0s6000, great job on the 300 pic for the scenario. We never give marines enough credit for helping us through campaign.

  108. that jurassic park one is sweet. Great job

  109. do you have to email them the scene too or just the screebshot

  110. yea my jurassic park made the cut =]]]]]]]]]]

  111. Yeah the elites are being used as bears and bear cubs.

  112. Sweeeet, ya use my constantne one : D, thanks bs angel!

    And @ CS stephens, ya can’t use spartans for bears and bear cubs or dogs, so the elites are the only other option. ;P

  113. i think his screenshots are sweet.

    Who cares if he and predator do similar stuff, they both make great screenshots.

  114. cant wait to see some more screenshots tomorrow

  115. all these are leet i tried to make one but you caan see stairs in the upper left corner i hope my mortal koombat screen makes the cut

  116. I submitted a Ghostbusters one 6 days ago and haven’t had a reply if it’s not good enough please tell me!!

  117. yo angel i don’t know if you can use this but it’s a legit picture from the matrix

  118. Elittes have the figures to be used as animals and monsters. Plus Spartans are humans. So why would someone use ane elite when they could use a spartan?


    is or was there any organization to the photos?

  120. do you have to email them the scene too or just the screenshot

    Both please. The scene/poster you are recreating along with your submitted screenshot.

  121. I submitted a Ghostbusters one 6 days ago and haven’t had a reply if it’s not good enough please tell me!!

    I am currently three days behind on emails. If you sent one six days ago, I already answered your message. Either it bounced back because you misentered your email address on the contact form (I’ve had three or four returned to me) or it is in your spam folder.

    And now that I think about it, I don’t think I have seen any Ghostbusters submissions. So if your assessment of days passed is correct, you may want to send it again.

  122. is or was there any organization to the photos?

    As of right now, pictures are arranged in a way to create a balance between simple/complex images and regular/forged (with weapons) creations with the same author not appearing back to back. They are not organized according to when they are added. I’m not exactly sure what you meant so does that answer your question?

  123. i just had a “thunk” i know exactly how to do the 300 poster i cant believe no ones thought of it assuming i can make it look like hes kicking him it will be great cause the 300 pic thats up now is way to easy the marines kick brutes all the time on campaign

  124. 6 days?!? you need a breather, might I suggest some halo? lol

  125. This is awesome… I’m gonna go try to make a picture later on today, great idea bs.

  126. f*ckin awsome those were some cool pics

  127. I never noticed this before, but the CQB helmet actually would look like an afro if taken a picture at the right angle. That is a nice pic White Lama, did you have that cross your mind as well?

  128. I sent a 300 one a while back. But I see it is already displayed somewhere else here on this site so I’m not sure if it will end up here.

  129. I couldn’t find a good comparison pic for it Predator. If you stumble across one, throw it my way please!

  130. dude i have such a better ironman one than that!…well i think so anyway

  131. bs angel how are the rest of the screenshots coming?

  132. hey bs angel i added more to the pearl harbor pic i sent in….so i dont know which one u got….ill send u the link of that one cause i just got your email and u said u bookmarked it so here

  133. Sounds good dimmer13.

    bs angel how are the rest of the screenshots coming?

    Tonight I made it through about half of the ones sitting in my inbox, thanks for asking! They were the batch sent approximately 2-3 days ago. I bookmarked some of them and posted others. I have about another 30 waiting for me that I am hoping to make a dent in before I go out of town tomorrow (I will be gone for four days so everything will be on hold during that time period). We’ll see how much I can get through! :)

  134. well thats good keep up the good work of choosing awesome screenshots

  135. I’ve never seen the movie, but I really like the Scarface one. The Raiders of the Lost Ark one would work better with Forced Perspective (making the Soccer ball much bigger).

  136. Thanks resix the one. I appreciate the kind words. :)

  137. so i tried to make the 300 screen and i dont know how it turned out but i put a few of my attempts on my fileshare someone check it out tell me what you think i looked at the video and i took it at the wrong angle so i will retake it at the right angle cause i dont know if thats required

  138. Just in case it doesn’t work again, here it is. PLEASE DON@T STEAL MY IDEA OR ELSE!!!

    The screenshot is on my Service Record, it is called ghostbusters, and here is the link: This is the main screenshot page.

    To access the picture (actual screenshot from movie), click this link: this is the raw file.

  139. your welcome

  140. This is the best I could find that matches my 300 screenshot

  141. Ghostbusters!

    I’ve submitted a kinda crappy Kill Bill picture ^^

  142. I would like to give props to WWar Terrorist for remaking the Lion King, that is truly epic. Who said Disney is not M rated?

  143. These are so awsome. Lets see if someone can do a good Darth Vader. And I mean a good Darth vader like something Predator would do.

  144. How did you guys get the weapons the float and not fall? I’ve tried to make a Mission: Impossible one and whenever I try to get a weapon to float, it never stays

  145. I’ve already givem up on of my chance of being in halo movie scenes.

  146. don’t give up just try different ideas…i spent 6 hours today working on the project, but didnt accompish much except to get a couple of cool scenery shots

  147. some of these share no resemblence to the movies besides the fact that both people have guns

    ex: ghostbusters, star wars, terminator, etc

  148. I’ve lost inspiration for making screenshots. :(

  149. Forge art is not easy, it takes a lot of patience and is very time consuming. Thank God my girlfriend doesn’t know what i do with my spare time!

  150. It’s not that I don’t have the skill/patience to do it, it’s that I dont have the inspiration or confidence.

  151. “I never noticed this before, but the CQB helmet actually would look like an afro if taken a picture at the right angle. That is a nice pic White Lama, did you have that cross your mind as well?”

    Actually yes, Me I Apologize I have always thought of the C.Q.B to look like a gorilla with an afro from the right angles. Gorilla from front and afro from the kinda right ^^

    Thanks anyways :D

  152. Yay! Well I sure am excited!

    Perhaps next I will do a Magic Roundabout one… ^,^

  153. i have an idea how about hellboy u can get a red spartan with security shoulders to make him look strong and big sumthing like that

  154. hey shib, i was working on it! now ppl will steal the idea!!!

  155. or bad boys 2? i tried that and couldnt get it…or Hot fuzz…couldnt get that on eiehter

  156. Would you have to be the one shooting the laser or the one being shot at for the Darth Vader pic? Either way, that seems kinda close to not hit you….

  157. That answered my question perfectly, thank you

  158. how do you make weapons float like predator does?

  159. ohh man i spent so much time making my mortal kombat one and my 300 one and nothing apparently i fail at life :{ my 300 and mortal kombat rremake are on my fileshare let me know what you think

  160. Yo Maverick, your pictures might still get posted…It took a couple of days before I got the email saying my picture was posted. Just be patient

  161. how do you make weapons float like predator does with his pictures??

  162. sorry yonatan i dint think any 1 was doin it

    i would do it my self but my live runs out in half an hour and i was tryin to get my last 2 online achievments overkill and two for one the hardest ones for about 3 weeks and i only had live for a month =(

  163. dude hard core

  164. who me?

  165. i have made my movie screenie, i hope you like it ^^ its an iconic pose rom steven seagal in Deadly finds

  166. its alright shib… now that i finished it, it doesnt seem as good as some of the others posted up here… :(

  167. I guess your right frodo i just wasnt born with patience :P

  168. I sent a picture and got a message that is was bookmarked will it not appear here

  169. that’s code for “Improve it”

  170. how do you make weapons float like predator?

  171. magic?

  172. Pikmin god, I havde gone back to attempting to get i halo movie scenes.

  173. hpw did u make the et pic??? im amazed

    btw this is awsome idea i love the pics there sooo cool!! >.<

  174. Whoua… they are all well done. I love Jurassic Park. and others. they are all nice

  175. shortstop41

    Stop Spamming.

    You pick the gun, hold it in the air, save the map and start a new round.

  176. i just realised that the one in the james bond pic is wearin recon armour

  177. no white lama, guns don’t float, only objects such as doors, bridges, etc.

  178. Everyone, if you want to know how Predator does the Floating weopon Glitch is by taking a lets say Crate or Box, he makes the picture backwords then deletes the Crate or Box then it floats!

  179. bs angel are you back yet? if you are how was pax?

  180. I liked the Arctic tale one, not only for it’s loving mood, but also because the mother elite looks like it has a knife. Great stuff!

  181. bs angel are you back yet? if you are how was pax?

    I am back, yes! And thoroughly exhausted at that. I managed to get the Halo related post up around midday (on my other site) and still have lots more to write. If you have any questions about it that I don’t end up covering, feel free to drop me an email. :)

  182. ok ill check out the site right now. And also another question do you haz reconzz?? lol jk i just felt like asking that because it seems like you do a lot for the halo 3 community and i think it is really cool. i wish i could do something somewhat like what you do cause that would be cool.

  183. Yeah I’m actually surprised you don’t have Recon angel, you’re a very well known figure in the community and an extremely fearsome teammate, as in “Oh god why am I on her team!?”. You’d think they might give it to you simply out of pity.


  184. LOL, … You better hope you aren’t on my team any time soon with comments like that AusQB!

    And I wear EVA out of choice because it is my favorite armor. :)

  185. can someone help me with a Star Wars 3 pic plz and my gametag is the name i used.

  186. yes my screen made it now my life means sumthing lol i love this site so much <3

  187. ok peoples i need a good suggestion for a movie screenshot to make

  188. Awwww I thought that these were halo movie previews damn. =(

  189. Wow, these are pretty good. I’m surprised though no one got the first one, that should have been easy. Or does the scene have to be natural and can’t be setup?

  190. The Mortal Kombat one is now my current favourite! :D
    I love it.

  191. EVA FTW
    and i love the hitman one!!

  192. yes the mortal kombat is my favorite also XD

  193. 2 people melee-ing with magnums while a guy in the background is coming forward from an explosion, why didn’t I think of that?

  194. i think its great…and that hitman shot shows how you can be creative and make a good shot without floating objects

  195. How was the “Silence of the Lambs” one created?

  196. butterflies on val

  197. Just give the prize to Predator5791!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. can somebody plz help me with a Star Wars 3 pic my gametag is Sir Baldur

  199. i am making a Hot Fuzz video. it should be up soon.

    • freestylepyro16
    • Posted September 4, 2008 at 10:24 am
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    Ill help my gt is freestylepyro16

  200. The Day after tomorrow was a great movie and I’m glad someone wanted to make something to resemble a scene from it. If it were me, I would have too the pic in campaign, but it would be a little harder that way

  201. some one do something from Office Space or Fight Club.

  202. update this….

  203. can somebody plz help me with a Star Wars 3 pic plz my gametag is Sir Baldur

  204. look under the last pic for more clickables

  205. There’s no so-so ones here.

    They’re either really good, or really terrible.

    I didn’t put much effort into mine, just the trick where you make a lightsaber from a laser shot, but some of these were just….. awful.

    I’m not gonna point fingers, but I think most of us know which ones were half-a**ed.

  206. were awful or are awful?

    dont compare them to each other…compare them to the shots that they are paired with…some of them aren’t so much, but i’d say the bulk are really good, you just cant compare them with each other

  207. It’s easy to match up something in halo 3 with a picture.

    But once you do that, you need showmanship. Something that makes the screenshot really ‘wow’ the audience.

    Some of them are just like “Meh”.

  208. The Ring is full of epic win!

  209. I know, good movie, eh?

  210. Theres lots of creativity in some of the pics theres some that are just awesome mine just looks plain and crap in comparison but at least it made it up there :P


  212. |

  213. i liked this better when they were movie posters… might as well turn on any random movie… find a picture of a bunch of people standing… take a picture with them standing there… then have spartans standing in the same place as the picture…

    and if theres a dog add an elite :-P

  214. With something so simple, I wasn’t expecting The Ring Two to be quite as scary.


    There’s the one I submitted for this.

    The guy hosting this emailed me and told me it was really good and was still working on getting more submitted pictures posted here, but he must be busy or something.

  216. Estan muy crativas , pero como en todo hay una muy padres y otras que la verdad estan bien chafas, pero en general excelente…

  217. Just fyi, this is getting worked on a little bit each day. If I have sent you an email saying I have bookmarked your submission, that means it is in the queue for getting an image made so it can be posted. I have two people helping out with this. I am currently only three days behind on emails so we’re getting there!

  218. This is My HELLBOY 2 Submission!!

    Thank you, bs angel, for at least reading this submission, and i look forward to the finished product!

  219. just wondering how is the silence of the lambs one not photoshopped???

  220. There are butterflies on Valhalla. Here’s another screenshot showing them:

    I believe there are red ones along with the yellow ones as well. :)

  221. bs angel

    Are you just getting help stitching the movie scene image and the screenshot together? If so I can help out as well

  222. Are you just getting help stitching the movie scene image and the screenshot together? If so I can help out as well

    Yes, that is exactly the sort of help I am receiving. If you would like to help out, I would love your assistance! Throw me a message via the contact form if you are interested. :)

  223. there are also blue butterflies

  224. Fantastic replicas guys… my hat’s off to you all!! Nice work!!!

  225. xD jejeje good that the images are almost equal lolz
    I hope to make more;)
    top bungie

    • freestylepyro16
    • Posted September 11, 2008 at 3:49 pm
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    Be cool the floods here!!


  227. No, I am not kidding you. This is a site that thrives on community involvement and I will always recognize as many participants as I can in each and every project that I coordinate, whether it be through displaying their submission or simply linking it. I won’t apologize if you don’t find value in that. If you feel like you are getting spit on, I would like to remind you that this is a video game. It’s meant to be fun, and I will continue to do my part in keeping it that way.

  228. Reverend!

  229. Can we make screenshots of the covers of other video games? If not, can that be the next project?

  230. For this particular project, no. For a future project? Absolutely. :)

  231. Oo! Oo! I already made a box art cover from a screenshot of mine.

    Alright I’m getting a bit too anxious.

    *twiddles thumbs*

  232. Sweet! I got two of mine up there now :D

  233. bs when do you think this will be over???

  234. Personally I don’t think it will ever be “over”. As long as there are movie scenes/posters to recreate, this section will keep growing.

  235. Return of the Jedi is AWESOME!

  236. bs when do you think this will be over???

    What AusQB said. :)

  237. Just wondering on the more submissions link box, what’s it mean when it’s bold? Does it mean that one day it will have its own spot on the page or what?

  238. The bold was simply to help break up the extremely long wall of text. :)

  239. The second wanted pic is awsome

  240. Well i guess this area will be nice and calm with everyone trying to get recon

    i wish i can has, but i cant

  241. Well i guess this area will be nice and calm with everyone trying to get recon

    I think you are right, lol … :)

  242. I wounder if there is a movie called recon and then if the person who made the halo3 verson was whereing recon armor that whould be AWSOME/FUNNY/Ironic

  243. Hey Bs did you get my mail with my 2 newer pics in it cut the frist one i sent didnt have the right link to the poster 2nd one sent did

  244. koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool these are the best movie scenes ive ever seen keep up the good work

  245. working hard on the recon thang? i havent seen any new posters

  246. Yes I am but there aren’t any more submissions now. The people I had helping me completely cleared out the queue! So it’s a wrap besides any stragglers that may still appear. :)

  247. woot, empty queue!

    and now im bored…

  248. seems you didnt get my two other posters so once i get back from school ill have to send them again

  249. Definitely resend them. I could have not gotten them or something that happened is after bookmarking all the submissions, some of links that were saved were no longer valid (probably fell out of the recent screenshot queue).

  250. THERE SENT….. well the two pictures are saved in my gallery so if you cant pull them from the email just look at them in my gallery

  251. WOOOO you got them WOOO nice
    “Sweeny’s waiting he wants you bleeders”
    “Poltergist There Here”

  252. Sooooo Bs whats next ??

  253. BS isnt silence of the lambs Photoshoped??? i just really looked at the others and i dont remaber butterflys

  254. It’s not shopped. Butterflies are on Valhalla!

  255. i dont remaber them but ofcorse i dont look for them im killing people LOL just thought it looked a lil strange but whats next?

  256. i found a movie with “recon” in the title… does a screenshot for it warrant recon armor? lol

  257. the Return of the jedi is so sick

  258. LOL THANKS BS ANGEL UR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  259. yeah… i decided im not going to the recon one… basically all my ideas involve me having at least 5 people and when i get that many people together in halo, they dont want to make a screenshot… they want to crush eachothers skulls with their crotches (if ya know what mean… T-bagins)

    if anyone else wants to have a try at it for the novelty of making a movie screenshot with the word recon, here it is:

    my idea was to have 3 guys up front with the correct helmet permutations with 2 guys in the back chucking grenades and a banshee floating in the sky

    if anyone wants to go ahead and do this be my guest


  260. i might give it a try if i can get that meany people cuz i am always one guy short when it come to makeing screens on perpsouse

  261. i know the feeling… my screenshots when posed for are usually done by me using 3 controllers :-P

  262. another idea i had was the 300 image of the guys falling off the ledge of the mountain… but that picture will need at least 8 people

    would start off as one color team, then everyone gets together at the edge of a ledge, probably on standoff, and switches to the other team and reconvene in the area… then its just a matter of throwing a grenade or something to explode the bodies off the ledge


    maybe there should be like a scheduled time to meet up and do these things? movie poster sundays or something

  263. this is badass.

  264. nice awesome i love these shots

  265. Check out my verison of the Transformers Movie Cover


    Or copy and paste

  266. The return of the jedi one is the best one here by far

  267. i havent looked at this page in a while… but then i noticed all the people saying that my pic for return of jedi is good and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :-D

  268. Predator5791 screenshots rock – how does he do them so well?

  269. How do I send screenshots to this website??

  270. By using the contact form. :)

  271. Oh.Thanks!

  272. MasqueNoMercy I can help you with a the screenshot thing just send me a freind request my gamertag is ODST Chimp

  273. Merry Christmas bs angel!!!

  274. Thank you ODST Chimp! And the same to you. :)

  275. These movie scenes are great

  276. Hey bs angel if you want to see some of screenshots just go to and go to find a player and type down ODST Chimp to see my file share.The screenshots i make aren`t that good but there OK.

  277. hey bs angel, did u like the screen shot on my profile?

  278. why are people begging for their bungie profiles to be seen here? just go to the contact form, choose your screenshot, and send it and see if it gets put on the site… unless you have a screenshot that looks like a preexisting movie poster… then i think thats fine here?

  279. hey bs angle please check out my file share on halo 3. i have some sick screenshots that i would like you to see. my gamer tag is arbiter908

    please check it out soon!

  280. There has been alot more since I last checked this. However my favorite is still Predators “Dark Knight”

  281. Wow it seems im a little late for the party lol. If bs angel still accepts these kinds of pics ill try to make one.

  282. Even though this particular endeavor wrapped up a while ago, the projects never officially close. Feel free to create something and just throw me a link when it’s done. :)

  283. ok thx ill try to make something

  284. lol at the lion king

  285. Hooray, thanks for adding my Terminator Salvation shot. Much appreciated :)

    i think some of the ones that are listed on this list but not screenshots can still be made


  288. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Halo 3 movie reference screenshots in one place. Nice job on finding these Angel! Your ability to seek out the best of the best will never seize to amaze me!

    : )

  289. War of the Worlds was creative…. and a good movie. =]

  290. predator was awsome and and awsome movie

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