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Halo Historic Scenes was a community project where UNSC and Covenant fanatics across the world came together to recreate iconic images taken directly from the annals of history. Using just the Halo 3 engine, these screenshots were carefully remade in Forge, matchmaking, and custom games, all in the easily recognizable Halo style.


halo historic scene
Iwo Jima by BigToe67

halo historic scene
Tiananmen Square by Crichton Rizzo

halo historic scene
Neil Armstrong – First Moon Landing by I well I

halo historic scene
Hindenburg disaster by Matrix Buffalo

halo historic scene
First Model T Production Line by I SIDEARM I

halo historic scene
Saigon Street Execution by Matrix Buffalo

halo historic scene
Titanic by durgon94

halo historic scene
Red Army Flag over Reichstag by Zephyrus IX

halo historic scene
The Burning Monk by Crichton Rizzo

halo historic scene
The Wright Brothers – First Flight by x 4 ShOtZ Sir x

halo historic scene
The September 11 Attacks by Kaos23Bari

halo historic scene
Fall of Saigon by reedbic

More submissions for your viewing pleasure:
Iwo Jima by tabester, Swimming to the shore of Omaha Beach on D-Day 1944 by FlyingAngel7, Battle For Saipa Bazooka Men by Green Twister, Ulysses S. Grant by Chupa Cabras, Entering World War II by nl beer, Fighting in Alleys: The Battle Of Stalingrad by Skyhammer26, Kent State Shootings by TappableTacos, Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Matrix Buffalo, 7/7 London Bombings by Sh4d0w De4th, Navajo Code Talkers in World War II by CyanDeadEye, Vietnam War by xWARXH3ROx, World War II by KCC FIR3F4RT, Satsuma Rebellion by HaraKono, Tiananmen Square by DFA Zandric, Tiananmen Square by Murdamystery, Tiananmen Square by THE DARK KNIGH7, Tiananmen Square by Master Castuera, First Moon Landing by camo m0nkey, First Moon Landing by ghandis freind, First Moon Landing by Masterchief Xtr, First Moon Landing by PhatalitY X, First Moon Landing by TechnicalBeef, First Moon Landing by THESTNKINLNCOLN, First Moon Landing by Matrix Buffalo, First Moon Landing by AznTri4d, First Moon Landing by Muck Da Duck, Saigon Street Execution by BubbaTXRanger, Red Army Flag over Reichstag by h3llraiser16, The Burning Monk by Leumas Loch, The September 11 Attacks by SwimmerDude5316, The September 11 Attacks by Sh4d0w De4th, The September 11 Attacks by das squirel, The September 11 Attacks by kuroigreen



  1. Woohoo!

  2. Oh that is awesome! Nice idea hellraiser!

    Now…what historic scene. Hmm…

    • How about the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Have someone drive a warthog and someone snipe the passenger….And…erm… you’re welcome.

  3. Sweet.

    Can’t wait to see what the community produces.

  4. You’re brilliant, hellraiser!

    • lol, i try. but i cant wait to see what parts of history the community picks to re-create.

  5. Great Idea, A Wonderful Scene To Remake.
    Hope The Rest Are Just As Good!

  6. It would be hilarious if someone made the Halo Launch Event or somthin

    • It’s been done, lol.

      Sounds like fun, I’ll see what I can think of.


  7. lol iwo jima like battlefield 1943 ^_^

  8. I vote for first porno ever made!

  9. Awesome idea.

    I want to see someone recreate the Siege of the Reichstag.

  10. Eh Siege of Reichstag…..Thanks for the idea. You won’t be disappointed.

  11. What is the GT we send the picture to?

    • Go to the homepage and click on contact on the left side, you put a link in the message

  12. Im really excited for this. Im gonna get too it!

  13. thanks hellraiser this is gonna be brilliant nice idea!

  14. I have time. =)

  15. YES! my pic made it! awesome, this is cool (not just cause it made it) but um, the idea is pretty sick. i wonder if theyll be an idea no one thinks of but like one guy. i knew alot of people would do neil armstrong but i didnt think mine would make it :)

  16. I made some crappy forge art as an attempt :( Maybe I’ll try something else.

  17. The tank one is SEKSI…great idea, great work to all submitting!

  18. If only I had a hard drive.

  19. do woodstock.

  20. i’m makeing a picture of the battle of stalingrad it will look sick if i get it right

  21. i’d like to see normandy.

    • you must be the first person ever to say that.

  22. Loved the burning monk picture, though it’s sad it happened. As a Buddhist, it’s been a powerful image for me, and I’m glad someone re-created it.

  23. Of the Apollo 11 pics I think I well I and thestnkinlncoln are best..

  24. Nobody want to do “I have a dream” of Martin Luthe King?

    • I thought about that but yo need a lot of friends online who are very patient

    • hmm, good idea. i think i might try that.

  25. So do I have to send my screenshot to bs angel? How? Do I go to bs angel’s profile then click on “Message this user” and send the orginial link of the photo or upload to photobucket and send that link???

    • Please use the contact page here to send me a link to the file and also a link to the source image. :)

      • Oh alright, but what do you mean a link to the source image? Is the source on in my profile or photobucket?

          • bs angel
          • Posted August 11, 2009 at 10:35 am
          • Permalink

          By source image I mean the image you are recreating.

  26. Somebody should recreate a screenshot of the hindenburg. it would be sick.

    • I can’t believe nobody thought of that yet…

  27. Uh…slight problem, the historic screenshot I found is actually a .gif, a small one >.< still allowed or no? I'm still looking for a better version.

  28. wow uh i don have much to say but seriously i can say GREAT IDEA hellraiser! I love what the community produced its all Sick!

  29. Daaaaaaaaamn mine didn’t make it lol

  30. People have come up with some really great pictures! It’s sad to see my shot get replaced though…

  31. Who is going to make the fall of Berlin wall? :D

  32. Would the last scene from Apocalypto be appropiate?

  33. OMG! Hindenburg Disaster re-make is amazing!

    • Thanks

  34. hey, does anyone remember the time magazine book of the 100 most important pictures of the past century… or something like that… maybe theres some pictures in that book?

    • Good idea!

  35. I can haz hindenburg map?

    • Don’t count on it, Slick.

  36. Lol they should make sometype of map n give awards away for best screenshots even though predator would win it

  37. sparkling water dosen’t taste nice

  38. i’m going to make the john f. kennedy

  39. Amazing how people can make these so much like the real thing.

  40. Hindenburg disaster is amazing

  41. Sweet. My fave was hindenburg

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