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The Halo Corpse Alphabet was a rather macabre project with the goal being to represent every letter of the alphabet by the twisted, curved, stretched, and otherwise dead Spartan and Elite bodies from Halo 3. The Halo community was clearly up for the challenge as they miraculously managed to capture every single letter, number, and even some punctuation in the form of screenshots. Have fun viewing the Halo Corpse Alphabet, then try your hand at writing with it by utilizing the font included at the end. Enjoy!


A screenshot
Author: OTX FluffyBunny

B screenshot
Author: I G0 Commando

C screenshot
Author: MerryWisdomX

D screenshot
Author: ShirtyOddBall

E screenshot
Author: a puro palo

F screenshot
Author: Caboose565

G screenshot
Author: Xtreme BMonkey

H screenshot
Author: the bacon maker

I screenshot
Author: LaverniusTucker

J screenshot
Author: PikminGod

K screenshot
Author: Darth Deep

L screenshot

M screenshot
Author: brendanxboy

N screenshot
Author: Chuymanjaro

O screenshot
Author: Dustmite925

P screenshot
Author: GrinnialVex

Q screenshot
Author: SFTrogdor

R screenshot
Author: iTz Melfice

S screenshot
Author: PikminGod

T screenshot
Author: Mexrican Boy

U screenshot
Author: Darvk

V screenshot
Author: BillyAwesome

W screenshot

X screenshot
Author: ShirtyOddBall

Y screenshot
Author: Mirth Hunter

Z screenshot


0 screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6 screenshot7 screenshot8 screenshot9 screenshot


. screenshot? screenshot! screenshot


A font{height=40}

B font{height=40}

C font{height=40}

D font{height=40}

E font{height=40}

F font{height=40}

G font{height=40}

H font{height=40}

I font{height=40}

J font{height=40}

K font{height=40}

L font{height=40}

M font{height=40}

N font{height=40}

O font{height=40}

P font{height=40}

Q font{height=40}

R font{height=40}

S font{height=40}

T font{height=40}

U font{height=40}

V font{height=40}

W font{height=40}

X font{height=40}

Y font{height=40}

Z font{height=40}


1 font{height=40}

2 font{height=40}

3 font{height=40}

4 font{height=40}

5 font{height=40}

6 font{height=40}

7 font{height=40}

8 font{height=40}

9 font{height=40}

. font{height=40}

? font{height=40}

! font{height=40}

A special thank you to AusQB for creating the font!



  1. Can their be more than one corpse per letter?

  2. Absolutely. You can even integrate weapons like this person did (for the letter D) if you would like!

  3. Hehe….thats a pretty good idea

  4. Could we make the letters as guns in Forge?

  5. For this particular activity, no. Just dead bodies and whatever else happens to be in your shot. :)

  6. numbers too??

  7. Ooooh this could be fun… Some letters would be tough, like A… or Z, lol. I’m excited to see what comes from this.

  8. Ok thanks Bs Angel oh I was wondering can I send you a friend request on XBox 360 Live?
    My Gamertag is:NY HITMAN 0401

  9. I sent in the letter C!

  10. You should create two rows of image placeholders with the letters (in text) in them. Then just put the image thumbnails in them as they are submitted.

  11. Well that sounds like a crazy complicated but good idea. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to keep track of what letters have been submitted so far. I’ll look into doing that. :)

  12. Awesome!!! Thanks for accepting my C!!!!! Dude you rock!!!! THIS SITE ROCKS!!!!!!

  13. Awesome grid angel. Exactly what I had in mind.

  14. epic… someone with mad html and editing skillz need to take these once its finished and make it into a font type (like times new roman, ariel and stuff) i would love to write a term paper with corpse alphabet letters.

  15. I was wondering how would you make the I?

  16. so dos it matter if it is in forge or on a moded map??????!!!!!!!?????!!!!!

  17. No modded maps please, but Forge, custom, and matchmaking is fine. :)

  18. You should use this for I.

  19. Good idea!

  20. ok just cheking to see whot i can do i mostly play on modded maps right naw.
    so even if it is on a mod and the mod is not showing it wont be taken?

  21. Somebody used my idea! ^_^ Woot!

    I’ll probably be the only one not to send anything in. I don’t play much H3 nowadays.

  22. is there some way to be able to click the images of the letters to make em bigger?

  23. The images will be full sized (and I’ll figure out a presentation of some sort) when the project is finished. For now, you just get thumbnails to show what has been completed versus what needs to be done. :)

    Speaking of which, feel free to leave suggestions for a final presentation!

  24. make words out of the corpses, take the letters and black out the background leaving only corpse letter and spell stuff with it. (ex. I love Halo three screenshots, or BS Angel FTW, etc…)

  25. It’s officially “The Halo Corpse Alphabet”. So unless they’re dead, it won’t count.

  26. Here’s A.

  27. A good Z might be in my file share (grvlifttoofast).

    The angles might not be acute enough for a Z, but whatever. I just want this pic on this site.

  28. Dude no offence but the Z doesn’t even look like a Z. Sorry.

  29. hey…if you want to share your letters with the site, use the contact button up at the top of the page and send them to angel…do not post links to them in the comments, the comments should only be for constructive critisism of the project and anything angel approves

  30. Yep, PikminGod is correct, thank you for pointing that out PikminGod.

  31. I think that “epsilon” is pretty good for a “K” –

  32. thats not a corpse

  33. This is “The Halo Corpse Alphabet” it won’t count if there not dead.

  34. I cant wait until this is done
    I would hafta say that D & T are just perfect

  35. Oh, so can we like send you pictures of spartens & elites that make a letter in the Alphabet. If so that is awesome…

  36. Yes. Use the contact page to submit your shots (as links).

    Remember, they have to be corpses to be eligible.

  37. I rele hope i can download the presentation vid to my psp

  38. can you use more than one corpse to make the letter?

  39. Absolutely beemer530. You can even integrate weapons like the spike grenade for the letter “D”.

  40. Alex Leimbach, any chance you can go back in and get a tighter shot so the torso is cut out? Because that would make the perfect U, I agree!

  41. hey BS the Halo alphabet is a stinkin awsome idea i would love to have u as an honary member of my clan here is a link to it please look into it and message me with ur answer

  42. The picture for “D” seems like it could also work for “Q”, the arm sticking out is like the little bit on the “Q”. The straight part of the spiker does makes it work better as “D” though. Just throwing this out there, if you get to a point where you have another “D” and need a “Q”.

    I’m not going to be much help, I don’t have the time to look through games to find cool poses. Good luck with this though, it seems like a really cool little project.

  43. I don’t think that partial corpses (like the proposed “U” in comment 40) should be allowed. It’s way cooler if its the whole corpse. I also think multiple corpse letters should be disallowed. Give people some time and eventually every letter will be made w/ only one corpse. Trust me, there are enough people out there who don’t have anything better to do than play around with this for hours until they get a “W”.


  44. Sorry I posted a link in my comment. I submitted the link to the contact page though. Cool idea by the way.

  45. This is a sweet idea! Check out my screenshot for the letter E in my fileshare: Its the first screen in the fileshare.

  46. Thats a nice W when you really look at it

  47. You are supposed to be sending these letters DIRECTLY TO BS ANGEL’s contact form!! NO LINKS in the comments area!! Read the instructions at the top of the page if you are still confused.

  48. i think if a shot has multiple corpses is ok if it is inventive, i dont think angel wants shots with 3 spartans all lined up to make a H or something like that… i also think that any part of the body showing should count towards the letter; otherwise, any body flying throught the air makes a U and a Y and a V….of course a YMCA workup would be awesome

  49. I request the screenshots via my contact form so I have less of a chance of overlooking them. The comments slowly add up and I don’t necessarily catch all the links unfortunately.

    As far as rules go, this is a pretty relaxed project. The main rule is it has to be a corpse(s), which restricts setting up staged shots to a certain extent. Otherwise, it just needs to look like the letter without having to modify the shot. If it resembles a letter, I take it! If it doesn’t, I don’t. :)

  50. M is gonna be the hardest though

  51. Could you use a destroyed car in the picture with the dead corpse. If so that would make the pictures interesting.

  52. Does it have to be an upper case letter case i made a lower case b


    sorry if it is unclickable i don’t know how to do that

  53. sorry wrond link… does this one work?

  54. oh sorry about the link didn’t notice the comment

  55. I have a screenshot for a possible letter W, the arms form the outer branches, and the torso the center stem part. . . legs may be a problem thou, look through my other screenshots for other if u would like, just thought of another one for another letter (maybe, use ur imagination) if a stray missile pod bullet that bounced off of the eplosion of a frag grenade counts. . . dead body involved =}

    javascript:openScreenshotPopupWindow(‘/stats/halo3/screenshot_viewer_popup.aspx?gamertag=KSI Qrbirlbrbl&ssid=34906768’);

    javascript:openScreenshotPopupWindow(‘/stats/halo3/screenshot_viewer_popup.aspx?gamertag=KSI Qrbirlbrbl&ssid=38860415’);

    and here is a possible M DOWN

    javascript:openScreenshotPopupWindow(‘/stats/halo3/screenshot_viewer_popup.aspx?gamertag=KSI Qrbirlbrbl&ssid=37488989’);

    appreciate whatever you can do, would love to see one or more in your, collage, thing.

    If one makes it u can IM me with AIM, screen name: Qrbirlbrbl
    or email me. (not listed in message, for reasons I care not to explain)

    Thanks again, KSI Qrbirlbrbl

  56. I think that the U Alex sent in looks more like a Y.

  57. KSI none of your links work… get the web address not a javascript command

  58. hey can it be 2 or more dead bodys

  59. I will send letters ASAP i want M/N also can the pic hav 2 or more corpses in it?

  60. With out reading every single post here, can we use multiple corpses to make letters? like if 3 bodies form a “Z”?

  61. Yes, yes, and yes. :)

  62. this ish getting epic

  63. awesome i did the A with a BR one time, but lost screenshot thanx to RROD

    this a link to a halo text battle game

  64. W would be tough…

  65. could you take a pick of 2 corpses like an a and a b in the 1 pic

  66. I think I have a good Letter R,His Arm Curves and helps make it

  67. Can we use destroyed cars in the picture to make a letter.

  68. Guys, stop putting links in the comments, you need to go to contact then send is to bs angel, please stop!

  69. Cool stuff, be sure to make a font out of it when you’re done (just cut out the letters and make them only black and white.

  70. Yea I have noticed by reading the comments after someone note not to put their screenshot links in their comments another one does so. Uhh i dont know why people cant read but the project is going along very well and great idea BTW.

  71. i have a good K in my file share but theres already one up but check mine out just in case

  72. can we possibly use pics from campain like the chief and da arbiter

  73. Sure. :)

  74. i thought my W was pretty cool, i guess it wasnt

  75. If your letter is not selected, it’s not because it wasn’t good; it’s simply because it wasn’t what I was looking for. And just because it isn’t up yet doesn’t mean it won’t be used. I currently have over 200 submissions still needing to be looked at.

  76. Dude, I wonder what Q is going to look like…

  77. nice i did have a Y,A,O,P,E,N but i dont have a hard drive on my 360 so soz

  78. but my W was really good and everyone says that

  79. lol im goin 2 mess around in halo3 2 try and get a letter

  80. i dont think the E is good.
    does anyone agree?

  81. the guy in the f is not a corpse

  82. sorry my links didnt work, umm. . . im to lazy to get the adresses now so, if u want them imediately u can search my pics on, gamertag KSI Qrbirlbrbl or u can wait untill i post again. . .

  83. o wow i just noticed that the alphebet made the halo 3 front page!!! and the guy in F is dead

  84. bungie front page* o and KSI- IMO neither of your letters are very good

  85. “E’ is perfect, A is pretty funny and S just makes me lol everytime i look at it

  86. Thanks for usin my letter “F” it took a lil bit of time to find a good lookin F.

  87. Thanks a lot for using my letter “E” because it is really awesome…

  88. I have the letter Y, its here: 700 Ninjas&ssid=42674630

  89. I think that you should leave a list of the gamertags of people who send in their pics that are used in the Corpse Alphabet for some recognition

  90. i would recomend that you use that letter D as a letter Q becuase i think finding a letter Q would be tough, D’s are eaiser to come by

  91. I have V and M on my screen shots and there named V, M heres the link to my screen shots HOPE YOU LIKE THEM

  92. I personally think that the D would make a better Q

  93. Adam, this is not the final presentation. These are simply place holders so people know what letters are left. When the project is completed and up for display, full recognition will be given to everybody who participated, as is done with every screenshot on this site.

  94. i got a M and a P for this just look at jayden0208 screenshots

  95. ive got a really good letter H for you on my profile.
    i already sent a request thing but just in case.
    here is my profile address:

    and here is a link to the picture:

  96. i like the H in this link i think it really good, i cant wait to see who finds a good W, M, or Z.

  97. The P and the R are pretty weak.

  98. I completely agree with you Ancinet Inferno, however you need to go to the top of the list and click on the little link that is underlined saying My Contact Form and send it to Angel otherwise it may or may not be noticed causing it to go unpublished

  99. The readers have spoken! And I have obliged. :)

  100. your first x is barely an x
    how is your second x even supposed to be a letter?
    and the o is just an explosion….

  101. The “X” is the only letter that will not be replaced as that is the screenshot that inspired this entire project. If anybody feels like they can improve upon any of the other letters, please feel free. Submissions will continue to be accepted until this project has been completed.

  102. On my fileshare there are pictures labeled “R” and “P”, the look alot more like the letters then the current ones. . . seriosly, the current “R” doesent even have the second foot to the right. .

  103. The “R” does have two legs…well the arm that is out is the first leg while the leg stretched out makes the second leg of R…okay the way I explained it doesn’t help much just try looking at it from a slightly different angle is all and you will see the “R”

  104. PLease take my O!

  105. Can the letters be replaced if you find one that you like better? Thanks for using my B!

  106. Is it okay if I send in a letter that’s already been done?

  107. if you make a halo number line you should use the current “Z” ans a “2”

  108. if you have a better letter than the one submitted then send it in!!

    and 1-9 should be added IMO

  109. Yes, as PikminGod said, if you have a better letter than the one displayed, please go ahead and send it to me. And letters and punctuation have been added. :)

  110. I wonder what “I” was thinking when that happened…?

  111. Sweet, NUMBERS!!!!! :P

  112. this is prolly getting ahead of ourselves, but if were gonna make a full font type, shouldnt we have commas and quotation marks and all the punctuation marks? maybe even @, #, $, and (dare i say it) & ?

  113. ok now this is getting out of hand #’s are k puncuation is ok but @,#,$,& is to far

  114. Hey thx 4 usin my new F

  115. awww i liked my F…..o well i still got B

  116. how did u do tht B

  117. My W could be turned around to also be a M! Double kill…..

  118. I gor a perfect lowercase r also makes me think of “I’m a little t-pot short and stout”

  119. i love the new F and i love the O!!

  120. The Z that VapidFrobie submitted looks like he’s dancing to “Thriller”. xD

  121. lol this thing seems pretty exciting ^^ say to we get anything from this?

  122. I submitted my “Z”… hopefully it will be good enough…

  123. I love this idea. And I like how you added more than just letters. I am going to try to get one of the harder ones to make…

  124. To caboose- That B was sheer luck to be honest, i was looking for another letter and just so happened to land on the perfect angle for it to look like a B! It turned out to look pretty close to the real thing too.

  125. A few of the letters I am absolutely in love with, and the B is one of them.

  126. lol thanks

  127. Honestly I think that the numbers and letters should be separate because as you can see we still don’t even have all of the letters

  128. woo! you used my 2! this site is teh r0xorz :P

  129. Can we use covenant bodies from the campaign?

  130. Sure.

  131. thx pikmingod

  132. as someone said earlier do we get anything from having our letter in the alphabet?

  133. If you are gonna make other characters, i may have an asterisk o.0… or maybe it could be a bad m? anyway i would send it with contact, but my internet is being stupid and i cant load sites, only the ones i am already on, so heres the link:

  134. Pride.

  135. Hey bs angel i sent an m but i jus now hope ya like it

  136. as someone said earlier do we get anything from having our letter in the alphabet?

    Yes. You get your letter in the alphabet. :)

    (I’m not getting anything from this either, it is simply a community project.)

  137. ok, bs angel i think bungie should reward you with something for this site.

  138. Do i have to jus keep checkin this page if my letter is there
    or will you email me or something lol
    jus so i know

  139. never mind i got the emails

  140. I spelled my GT with the dead bodies lol

  141. Awesome, LOL …

  142. thats pretty cool

  143. I like it!!

  144. i dont like the new H…i think its a big stretch

  145. looks more like a ‘c’ thing19

  146. nah a 6 or lower case b

  147. wow
    thats weird i just found out that bs angel is a girl

  148. Ouch.

  149. hey im jst throwin this out there but bungie said tht if someone does something big for the bungie community i think tht this is a thing tht bs angel should b gettin recon or something bc he she or he(dont get mad pplz)is doin something tht is for the bungie community im jst sayin thts wat i think

  150. I think I should be getting recon because im awesome :P

  151. that is an awesome shot, but its not quite an O…

    and why does everything have to be about recon?

  152. I am in desperate need of a good G, M, and Q. I am anxious to finish this project so I can get the final presentation up!

  153. because recon is cool

  154. i’m trying…i found some crappy “m”s but i dont want to send you crap, i dont have any ideas on G or Q though

  155. Great Work Guys, This Project Is Going Well, The “.” Woulkd Have Been Hard To Get.

  156. i no its not an exact O but still the best you’ll get with one person

  157. i’m trying to spell KOOSH in my file share with corpse if you havent noticed the spaces

  158. hey angel, how many submissions do you get daily for this?

  159. Honestly, I’m not sure. But I would roughly estimate I have gotten somewhere around 500 so far.

  160. rediculous

  161. 500, Thats Tonnes, Well I Might be Trying To Get A Letter Today…

  162. we need a better W

  163. whats wrong with you the W is awesome

  164. Hey does it take a while to upload the pics to this page
    cause i sent a really good J and an alright m and 8 or were they to crapy lol

  165. yo bs angel the corpse alphabet is geting harder and harder to find, is there any way you can make it easier?

  166. I’m not sure I understand what you mean. It is at the same url that it has always been at. Clarify?

  167. i think im invisible lol

  168. @ I G0 Commando

    Just bookmark this link: Halo Corpse Alphabet

    It can’t get much easier than that.

  169. Sweet, you used my four : D

  170. the four is good, ive been trying to make a whole spartan look like it, i never guessed to use just the legs

  171. Sorry BurningSauce, I overlooked your question. Right now I am bookmarking all the submissions and popping in certain ones. If yours aren’t up yet, it doesn’t necessary mean they won’t be used as this isn’t the final draft. :)

  172. just to let u know who ever did the w can make it a m as well just flip it or u can do it with the right computer

  173. ive submitted many letters, and all have been rejected, you’re mean

  174. I would apologize but I don’t think mean people do that. ;)

  175. ouch that hurt…

  176. lol

  177. heres an extra Z

  178. you should also have lower case letters to so you have the hole thing! just a segesten

  179. Honestly I think the E and P are pretty weak

  180. i cant even tell tell the new E is an E…the P is pretty good though

  181. @ killamain5

    We’d like to get this finished this lifetime :P

  182. To whoever thinks certain letters aren’t quite up to par, we can only work with what we are given. So go make something better if you don’t like it! :)

  183. if I recommend a shot to you(on xbox live) bs angel do u think you could upload it for me?
    that is if it qualifies

  184. Of course. :)

  185. okay
    do you think i could add you as a friend

  186. Hey even if the bodies dont look EXACTLY like the letter its still pretty sweet
    i mean come on im impressed she (bs angel) has got this many letters
    like the B and S ….impressive
    and i dunno why but my fav letter is definitly the I its jus wicked lol

  187. so i just noticed the projected completion date at the top…what if its not finished by the 22nd?

  188. The date is for the work required on my end of things. Submissions have trickled down to maybe five a day now so I don’t expect to get too much more. I fully expect to have it ready on that date, and if not within a day or two of it. :)

  189. bs angel can i send u a friend request or u send me one
    my gt is Mr Jones93 sk8

  190. My friends list is currently full, but you don’t need to be on it to recommend a screenshot to me. :)

  191. ok let me know when you remove somone

  192. dang man its hard to get a shot on this site.. i just cant take the right shot i guess.

  193. she gets alot of submissions its a terrible waiting game but dont knock yourself down yet, she prolly hasnt gotten to it yet.

  194. I’ve got a possible M for you here:

  195. This page will not be updated until the final presentation is up next Tuesday. I want there to be a few surprises left for everybody. So what you see is not necessarily what you will get. :)

  196. Oh ok, thanks Araknoros.

  197. :(

  198. I Cant Wait till tuesday lol but i guess iwill have to

  199. zOMG 2 days left…i cant wait to see the “G” ive been trying so hard to even pretend to see something that resembles a retarded “G” and cant do it!!

  200. zOMG 2 days left…i cant wait to see the “G” ive been trying so hard to even pretend to see something that resembles a retarded “G” and cant do it!!

  201. so you have all the letters right.
    are you takin anymore in

  202. If you have something awesome, go ahead and send it my way. The final presentation is still set for Tuesday though. :)

  203. was my M any good

  204. so exactly bout wat time can we check bck 2 kno if the alphabet is done?

  205. I’m hoping to have it up within the next hour or two. :)

  206. ommfg epic. this is truly a work of art guys. 100/10 to everyone. simply awesome

  207. Cool it’s done and it looks awesome! Nice Job!

  208. Awesome.

  209. are you going to make it into a downloadable font??

  210. the numbers are horrible

  211. im so sad i submitted an M that was better than the final one and its not up their
    its not even under submissions :(

  212. It is something I have looked into traylok0047 but I’m not sure at this point.

    And Mr.jones, you’re in there.

  213. awesome!! angel…ur the best…whats next?

  214. oops sorry bout that :)

  215. Don’t be, I edited it in after seeing your comment. I hadn’t had a chance to see the shot yet since you sent it to me over Xbox Live so I hopped over to, found your account, and snagged it that way. :)

    And I have no idea what’s next PikminGod. I’m always open to suggestions!

  216. :)

  217. hey i jst want 2 congrats all tht made their letters in and all tht had submitted letters and numbers and every1 else tht made the halo alphabet able 2 get done also thank you bs angel without you we wouldnt have this wonderful alphabet made of dead bodies

    Sincerly Caboose565

    PS good luck with wat ever you will b doin nxt

  218. woot its finished :D

  219. wow, great job! Better than i expected

  220. Wow, the final alphabet is awesome! Nice job everyone : D

  221. aww man, im gone for a week and you finish it?!

    i have such a better seven!

  222. There is a typo w/ the letter “s” font code. It has the words “height” and “font” backwards.
    You are welcome!!!


  223. [edit]

    Sorry, there actually should not be the word “font” in the code. please change it to “height”

  224. This is GEEEEEENIUS!!! 8D

  225. Does anyone here want to help make cover art for my upcoming machinima series?
    Email me or send me an XBL Message and + Polished Films to your FL

  226. Good afternoon. My W was chosen for the alphabet. Do we get a “prize” for being selected? Armor or something? Thanks.


  227. Wow, cool, I thought this would be another of those projects that didn’t see an end, but I guess I was wrong!
    And to the guy who asked, no, you’re not getting a certain “armour”, this wasn’t bungie that was doing this.

  228. Wow nice, the V looks funky lol

  229. u guys should publish a font from this

  230. Hey, awesome job with this angel! Glad to see your hard work is getting such praise. Stop by our forums sometime at and we can catch up!

  231. gAToNeJo mE lA PeLa

  232. Gatonejo Rulea no???

  233. Congrats to all who got this done and made… everyone did a good job

  234. Shock and Awe doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction. Bravo.

  235. Truly awesome! I don’t suppose you were thinking about making this into a font that can be used in text based programs such as, Microsoft Word, Windows Live Messenger, Wordpad? Bacause that would be BRILLIANT!

  236. is there a website where i could download the font so that when i type it is that?

  237. While I am looking into that, the answer as of right now is unfortunately no.

  238. what i want to know is why didn’t anyone use a corpse other than master chief or the arbitor

    it would have been cool if there was an enemy corpse such as a brute

    also if you find a way to make it into a font you should also try to find the lowercase letters so that it would work better

    because i don’t think that a person would want to type in all caps

    ALL CAPS = annoying

  239. Uh i hve no idea how to download this font if someone could tell me thatd be awesome

  240. Why can’t MS Word have a type font like this?

  241. I think I got a pretty good screen shot of a “K”: where should I send it to?
    Any particular email or website?

  242. Guys,

    Awesome job!
    Can I have a link to the font download?
    I honestly cannot find it.


  243. Sorry but R & S look kind of photoshoped…especially in the bicep areas.

  244. i made the S and i can tell you that it is NOT shopped…when you die, you bounce and spin around, and sometimes the physics/graphics engine work together to warp the size and dexterity of the limps

  245. Very nice everyone :)

  246. Guys, nobody has made a “font” yet, it’s just a collection of the pictures. Someone here actually has to get a free trial of some font program and do it themselves.

  247. Sorry for the doublepost, but it’s worth it. I just downloaded the program to do it, but unless you want windows standard characters, you have to get a few more images. Here is a list.

    Quotation marks
    Colon (I can probably just use 2 periods, so if theres a good picture…)
    dash (like a minus sign) (hyphen)

    Some to get if you can:
    Pound sign
    Dollar sign
    … Any of the Shift # keys.
    < (whatever those are called… The program I have just says greater and less than.

    Any other characters you need added that I forgot, get them.

  248. Thanks for looking into that. Some of those would be difficult to get I would think. Then again, some of the ones people managed to get I didn’t think were possible! I guess we’ll see if any of the additional characters turn up. :)

  249. I can always use windows default, but that’s boring. The only real urgent ones I think we need are parentesis, comma, and quotation.

    To make it easier to get, I only need 1 side of the parenthesis, and mirror it for the other. I only need a comma, I can double it and use it for the quotation marks. So only like 2 images are needed.

    I’ll do the letters and numbers now, I can wait on the signs.

  250. I could do some of it if u wanted me to. :)

  251. That would be awesome MR Jones93 sk8!

  252. I got everything but those 2 items now. I found a halo 3 font, and I’ll imput those for now, but if we can find a good parenthesis and that I’ll do a version 2.

  253. Another double post, whatever.;11530185;/fileinfo.html

    Try it, see how it works. The black and white made it harder to notice the actual letters, but it looks real good at a higher size font.

  254. I’ll see what i can get.

  255. What program did you use SergeantMajorME?

  256. font creator. It’s a shareware software, but it gives a free trial, which I used to make the font.

  257. BS you whouldnt mind if i tryed to make a youtube video of the alphabet whould you? ill give cred to the ppl who i use

  258. That would be awesome! Will you come back and leave a link when you are done? I’d love to watch it. :)

  259. ok i am going to have it uploading to youtube why im at school but when i get back ill put it up
    .:~Drag0n D214~:.

  260. Here is the url to the corpse alphabet video

  261. Awesome! I love how you did it to the ABC song. Just perfect! Thanks for making that. :)

  262. It was my honor to do it i just loved this project and wanted to show i didnt my part makeing the alphabet just a lil more

  263. did* (sry was typeing fast it should say did my part

  264. I think that there should also be colons, percentage marks, quotation marks, ect.

    • Will aka NuclearSound
    • Posted November 4, 2008 at 6:42 pm
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    been awhile since i was on the halo font page
    i must say, its v cool to see my screen shot being
    used for the number 8.

    Many Thanks

  265. These screenshots ROCK!!

  266. um… yeah, imkinda retarded and dont know how to download or whatever the font thing so if sum1 could plz tell me that would be great

  267. D looks uber lucky. It is like perfect.

  268. I agree Scotty the D is perfect.

  269. How do you use this font?

    Please tell me!!!

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